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Laura Menze-Communications coach


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LifeQuest Alliance


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Laura Menze is a well-rounded, goal-oriented, entrepreneurial individual with diverse experience including customer service, inventory management, marketing, sales, and coaching. She has excellent skills in leading, managing, communicating, and working with various personalities and cultural backgrounds.


Her most recent role as the Global Marketing Communications Manager for AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings included team work with colleagues from various countries and disciplines. The creation of product brochures, press releases, product


launches, trade show communications, and other marketing media required a global perspective and input from a variety of colleagues to create publications that appealed to audiences from all over the world. Bridging the communication and cultural gap between two major offices (one in the states and one in the Netherlands) was a big challenge within this company, which she successfully tackled. She also successfully hired, managed and worked with an employee overseas in Amsterdam. Prior to AkzoNobel, Laura was employed for nine years at Rust-Oleum Corporation. She now owns and operates LifeQuest Alliance, Inc., a company dedicated to helping good people become great, improve their lives, create their own happiness, and overcome obstacles with courage and honor.


Laura has held a real estate license in the state of Illinois from 1997 - 2006, worked as the president of her home owner’s association, and has a Bachelor in Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago along with a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on International Business from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM). While at LFGSM, Laura mastered her public speaking skills and successfully developed her skills in working with a diverse group of people. Her international consulting experiences in Cambridge, England, Bangkok, Thailand, and Sao Paulo, Brazil have also provided her with a well-rounded background for working with people of different cultural backgrounds and experience levels.


Her latest accomplishment is the completion of coursework in Coaching from The Coaches Training Institute. She is also an alumnus of The Leadership Trust, Leadership in Management program in Herefordshire, England, the Scimitar Program for Innovation in Retford, England, and holds a certificate in Process Leadership from Process Management International in Meridan, England. She currently resides in Libertyville, Illinois.


Coaching Philosophy


What is a life coach? The analogy of a personal trainer, but for your life, has been an effective example. Why does someone hire a personal trainer if they already know that they need to eat right and exercise to achieve their weight goals? A personal trainer can help a client get to their goal faster, hold them accountable, support and encourage them, and provide helpful tools or exercises to work on problem areas or areas the client wishes to focus on.


It is no different for life coaching. Clients are perfectly capable of setting and obtaining their own goals however, while a life coach will not provide a ‘program’ for the client to follow like a personal trainer, the life coach will help them uncover and develop their own plan, specific to that client’s needs. A life coach can also help the client clarify their goals, help them get to their goals faster, identify some hurdles they may not have seen, support and encourage the client, and provide helpful tools or exercises to work on areas the client wishes to focus on.


With a well-rounded background, Laura’s approach to coaching is supportive and understanding but also direct and truthful. The goal is not only to assist clients in achieving personal goals but to also allow room to discover and grow while moving past some of the hurdles and transitions in life. With a very positive approach her clients have discovered and pursued their passions, learned to manage and work with their work teams and family members more effectively, and have developed their self-awareness including the impact they have (and can have) on the people around them. From executives to students and everyone in between, Laura has aided clients in their journey from all over the world.




"Laura is a deep and genuine human being. As a coach, Laura's energy, clarity, and direct approach will inspire you to your grandest self expression.” ~ Jeanne Loehnis, Application Systems Manager, Lawrence University


"Laura is a wonderful coach who inspired me to really reach for what I want. I trust her to hold my broad agenda while helping me work through the details of the immediate challenges.” ~ Larry Wolf, Senior Consulting Architect, Kindred Healthcare


"Laura's skills as a life coach are impressive. She is intuitive, direct and compassionate. Her coaching has been very helpful.” ~ Cathy Modde, Campus Minister, Catholic Student Center


"Laura is capable of anything she sets out to do. She has a wonderful work ethic (and) a positive attitude towards life. She is confident in everything she does (and) is not satisfied with just average, but strives to exceed expectations. I would recommend Laura highly as a personal life coach, as her skill sets, attitude and knowledge are perfectly aligned with being a successful life coach.” ~ Joe Muccianti, Graphic Designer, Rust-Oleum

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