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Bill White


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The Biggest Deal, Inc.


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Synchronicity Coaching is all about learning the skills and techniques of being in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. After 30 years of study in the areas of synchronicity, comparative religion and mythology as well as many spiritual based doctrines, I have condensed the best techniques to attract the power of synchronicity into your life. Doing so will enable you to consistently attract the right people, situations and opportunities that will take your life where you want it to be. Synchronicity is often the missing edge when you keep hitting a brick wall. Allow me to help you help yourself, not by guiding you so much as teaching you to learn the signs that will allow you to guide yourself.


Degrees and Qualifications:

Certified Hypnotist



Over 30k hours of study in comparative religion and mythology, paranormal research, spiritual exploration and synchronicity.

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