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Alice is America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach and a bestselling author. She teaches people the secrets to becoming a health, fitness and healthy weight success story, and guides them through a positive lifestyle-and mindset-changing process for long-term results. Alice is an expert in motivation, healthy dieting, healthy fitness and rejuvenating self-care, and she was first to develop a coaching method to teach people how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle that feels too good to stop. As a result, her clients finally achieve success in having a healthy relationship with food, long-term fitness and a healthy weight. She is now running a community healthy lifestyle contest in Greater Newburyport with eight contestants who are in the process of becoming success stories.

Get and Stay On Track Coaching programs in person or by phone.

  • Succeed at staying active and fit, being in control with food and easily making healthy choices to reach your goals.

  • Learn how to create an exercise routine you can live with and stick with that is fun - even without going to the gym.

  • Get the secret to stop bingeing, cravings and food obsessions, and be in control of portions and food choices.

  • Discover how to make yourself a priority and find time for self-care to reduce stress, improve state of mind, and get re-energized.

Trained at the following

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)

  • Association of Fitness by Phone Coaches

  • WellCoaches



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